The English Nationalist Alliance: we’re not fash!

We’ve all heard of the English Defence League (whom the Tea Party refers to as ‘patriots’) but how many of you have heard of the English Nationalist Alliance?  Anyway, the ENA have allied themselves with the EDL (perhaps they’re one and the same?). This blog was the first clue that I had of their existence. The blogger proudly calls himself “Islamophobe” and celebrates what he calls “Bank Holiday Patriots”.

United Against Fascism, the group which opposes the EDL and ENA on the street have to ask themselves if their tactic of shouting “Nazi scum get off our streets” is really working. Because these boneheads don’t seem to want to go anywhere in a hurry.

In this blog, Islamophobe says,

We are not racists, we are Loyalists, we love our country and will not see our childrens heritage that our grandfathers fought and died for given away to the followers of an alien cult. End of chat.

The last time I saw the word “Loyalists” it was associated with thugs like Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair and Michael Stone. Unsurprisingly there are very close links between the EDL, the BNP and Loyalist paramilitaries. Here Islamophobe tries to distance himself from the over-used tag of ‘fascist’.

As a result of my political views, and my association with groups such as English Nationalist Alliance and the English Defence League, I am often labelled as a fascist. The question is though, what is a fascist?

He’s clearly looked at the list and not digested it, particularly the first 3 points.

1 Powerful and continuing nationalism

2 Disdain for human rights

3 Identification of enemies/scapegoats

While I would not describe the EDL as necessarily fascist, some of their tactics chime with those of Mussolini’s squadristi.  Fortunately, they haven’t attacked any printing presses or party offices. Though given their penchant for violence and disdain for anything that doesn’t square with their remit, it’s only a matter of time.



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2 responses to “The English Nationalist Alliance: we’re not fash!

  1. hrb264

    I’d say glorification of violence for its own sake also features pretty strongly – or should – on any definition of fascism.

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