Is there a real difference between AV and FPTP?

Why on earth do people think AV is better than FPTP? It will actually produce the same results as FPTP; the only diference being that you will get to list candidates in terms of preference. So the person with the most first preference votes wins…so how is that different? What if you happen to live in constituency (as I do) where the choice is between the three main parties, The Greens, UKIP and the BNP and you don’t like any of the choices? Hold my nose and vote for the least worst option or vote tactically as is the case presently?

I keep hearing how tactical voting will be eliminated with AV. How so?

Far from being a more democratic system, AV merely provides the illusion of choice. In many instances, it’s a choice between stools and faeces. In other words, it’s not a choice.



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6 responses to “Is there a real difference between AV and FPTP?

  1. Paul Milne

    All your questions are answered here:

    Long, but worth reading.

    • I’m still voting “No”

      • Face Palm

        Then why even post this? What an appalling attitude. Ask for evidence, see it, make no rebuttal but assert your allegiance to the other side. 50 more years of crappy voting.

      • The question was a rhetorical one. Duh. The biggest clue is in the last paragraph.

        The most important question for you and the other supporters of AV need to answer is why you think AV will eventually lead to PR. No one has managed to produce a single piece of convincing evidence to support that assertion.

        The blog that Paul linked to is pro-AV – in spite of its attempt to adopt a neutral tone.

        “Facepalm”, eh? You said it and with no trace of irony or self-awareness. But you’ve used a fake email address too. I can’t take you seriously.

  2. You’re reading an old blog too.
    My latest blog on the referendum is here

    I’m still voting “No”.

  3. Interesting site that explains the no to AV argument here

    It isn’t the usual Tory scaremongering either 😉

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