Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 4)

For someone who claims to be opposed to ‘radical Islam’ and who makes a living out of writing scare stories about the East London Mosque, Andrew Gilligan isn’t exactly honest about who he has been moonlighting with. I have found out that he once worked for Press TV as well as The Daily Telegraph. But what is Press TV? Well, Press TV is owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting…that’s right, you read that correctly, Press TV is owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

Here’s a video of Gilligan in action. He’s interviewing his nemesis,  Ken Livingstone.

Gilligan has a history of hypocrisy, so it comes as no surprise to us here at Nowhere Towers that he has been playing footsie with the mullahs of Iran. I understand that right-wing mouthpiece Nick Ferrari also once worked for Press TV. Whores, the pair of them!


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