The view from Planet Blair

I’ve always thought that Tony Blair lived in a world of his own. He is an attention-seeker; a narcissist whose own ego is so large it may as well have its own MEP. So convinced was he of the need to overthrow Saddam Hussein that he lied to the country and lied to Parliament about the alleged stockpiles of WMD that Saddam had supposedly been building up over the years. In reality he only wanted one thing: to make his mark on history. Pure ego-driven stuff

In his book titled Journey, Blair has claimed that Labour lost the election because Brown had abandoned his Nu Labour policies. But such a monstrous ego refuses to recognize the glaringly obvious: Brown lost because he dithered over whether or not to hold a snap election in October 2007.  In the meantime, the Tories seized on Brown’s indecision and made hay while the sun shone. From that moment on he was a weakened figure. So no, it had nothing to do with you or your massive ego.

As for Brown abandoning Nu Labour policies, that is a figment. As this blog notes, the 2010 election campaign was fought on the same, tired old Nu Labour ideas that the 3  previous elections had been fought on.

I spoke to Patrick Diamond, who worked for Blair and Brown in Downing Street, when writing about the election debate. Diamond says “we very quickly reverted to a New Labour formula”. Despite an awareness that Labour had to contest the argument on “change versus change”, the argument became about the risk of the Tories.

Tony Blair has blood on his hands and so too does his anointed leadership candidate, David Miliband who covered up the fact that Britain outsources torture to other countries in order to avoid being directly implicated in torture and human rights abuses. It’s as if to say “We don’t torture but those savages do. We’re not savages. Let them do the job for us”.

Since leaving office, Blair has made millions from a variety of revenue streams which includes working in a senior capacity for investment bank JP Morgan, who have made a fortune from the Iraq War. This reminds us the reason why wars are often fought in the first place; wars represent a gravy train in which all kinds of businesses from investment banks to construction companies can make a killing. Blair was given his reward for helping JP Morgan to realize their dreams in Iraq.

Most of Nu Labour’s period in office was marked by the running Blair-Brown soap opera; it was a sideshow and it often diverted attention from elsewhere. In his book Blair accuses Brown of lacking emotional intelligence.

Many will point to Blair’s ‘achievements’ in Northern Ireland but I was never convinced by his handling of the talks and suspected that the Good Friday Agreement had been cobbled together and rushed through in order to enhance Blair’s reputation as ‘statesman’. This article from UTV suggest that he may have “bent the truth”. Unfortunately the story doesn’t give away too much detail and leaves much to the imagination.


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