My summary of Tony Blair’s memoirs

I don’t expect any shocks or revelations from Blair’s memoirs. His book is likely to full of the usual guff,

1. Je ne regrette rien

2. Why neo-liberalism is good

3. Saddam Hussein was a threat to world peace (repeated ad nauseum)

4. I am a god

5. I admire Thatcher

6. Dubya and I were equals

7. Britain is a much better place because of me

8. Me me me!

There I’ve saved you the trouble of reading it and giving him money that he clearly doesn’t deserve. Besides, the best thing that one can do when faced with a narcissist is to ignore them.

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One response to “My summary of Tony Blair’s memoirs

  1. hrb264

    LOL! That’s likely to be a pretty accurate summary 🙂

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