Daniel Hannan: left winger?

Don’t you wish some people would just grow up? There are some people in this world who are old enough to know better but Daniel Hannan isn’t one of those people.

Today he repeats his canard that the BNP is “left wing”. His ‘rationale’ for this is simply because, he says, the horrible BBC is beastly towards the right. Aw, diddums… is poor lickle Danny Boy upset then? Let me tell you something: just because you repeat a lie often enough that doesn’t make it true. Here is his opening line,

There was a snotty, sneering, superior piece about elected sheriffs on Radio 4’s PM programme this evening.

“Snotty”, eh? “Sneering”, huh? He goes on to pour fulsome praise on Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County Jail in Arizona (hardly the most enlightened state in the union). Arpaio is one of those hardnosed, no nonsense types that reactionaries love; he forces inmates to live in tents; has reintroduced the chain gangand he hates immigrants. The prison has been featured on America’s Toughest Prisons and is often shown on Channel 5 and Sky 3. Dan wants to see Arpaios in this country, so why don’t you? Is it because you’re a soft socialist?

Like many in his party he wants to see elected police commissioners but PM asks serious questions about whether the role should be politicized. Hannan is not amused. Damn and blast the BBC!

You get the idea. Allow people to choose who directs their local police force and you are likely to get racists, half-wits or crooks – often with hilarious redneck names. Just in case we missed the message, the correspondent spelt it out with his closing words: “While popular elections may increase direct accountability, it [sic] doesn’t necessarily lead to better policing”.

Unfortunately the US has more than its fair share of racists and other cranks running sheriff’s departments. This is something that Mad Dan appears to have glossed over (racism doesn’t exist because we’re all white now thanks to the democratizing force of consumerism). He isn’t bothered that this idea hasn’t been thought through properly, he is just convinced that it is a good idea.  He adds,

Some areas might opt for men like Arpaio, though the sheriffs in, say, Vermont, are a very different breed. That’s the beauty of the system: law enforcement reflects the local temper.

Have you ever been to Heanor, Dan? I’d hate to meet a locally elected sheriff of Heanor.  He/she might be a little like PC Savage in this Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch,

As I mentioned above, Mad Dan is upset because the BBC has been ‘beastly’ to the right. Of course, I want to see examples of this ‘beastliness’. Let me ask you this, Dan, if the BNP are ‘left wing’ then does that mean you’re left wing too? Maybe you’re a closet socialist…who’s so far inside the closet that you don’t know day from night and vice versa.

Dan Hannan, a left winger…who’d have thought it?

Finally, here’s an interesting article on Dan’s new hero. It seems Arpaio has used his position to engage in vendettas against his political rivals.

Over the past year, 5 Investigates examined more than two dozen complaints against the sheriff from business owners, government workers, mayors and law-enforcement officials.They claim they spoke out against Arpaio, and shortly after, deputies paid them unwelcome visits.

3 days ago, it was reported that the US Department of Justice was looking to sue Arpaio for his abuse of Latinos.

Is this what we want here? No way!

UPDATE: Two more judges are to sue Joseph Arpaio. This time it’s for defamation and abuse of power. More from this article published 3 December 2010. Here’s a snippet,

PHOENIX (CN) – Two more Superior Court judges have sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio for defamation, and a deputy county manager and a county administrator added complaints of their own, all alleging that Arpaio targeted them for baseless criminal investigations to retaliate for the judges’ court rulings and the county employees work on budget cuts. Four Superior Court judges or retired judges have sued Arpaio this week; the new plaintiffs claim that Arpaio’s actions “constitute the rankest misuse of power against those innocent and powerless citizens that our system of government is supposed to protect.”

The story continues…


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36 responses to “Daniel Hannan: left winger?

  1. Thomas Rossetti

    The BNP *is* left wing. They want to put loads more money into the NHS and want pensioners to be paid more.

    You write: “Unfortunately the US has more than its fair share of racists and other cranks running sheriff’s departments.”

    Where is your evidence for this? Also, what is a “fair share”?

    • You seem confused. There’s a simple solution for that. Read more widely.

    • buddyhell

      I’m sure someone like you can quite easily go to Lexis Nexus and do your own search on this. But I know you won’t.

    • Jimmy Ray Swindle

      I have always had fun with my good old boy “double first name” so I must share my delight over assorted chaps having a laugh. It brings me great pain, however, when so many seemingly educated people are stuck when it comes to issues of race and racial profiling. I will illustrate with a true story from my childhood which had a profound effect on my life. My parents were divorced early in my childhood and as a result I spent alternating school years in both Chicago, IL with dad and Miami, FL where my mother settled. Both cities have multi ethnic populations but with very different attitudes. In the south people are much more accepting of different races, faiths, etc than in larger northern U.S. cities like Chicago. As a second grader in the early 70’s in a Chicago city classroom I witnessed a traumatic event which I carry with me to this very day. There was this very pretty black girl named Janet who sat directly in front of me. She always wore the most colorful dresses and like the rest of us from that era, was always very well behaved. One day when class was halfway through session she raised her hand and asked for the bathroom pass. The teacher, whom I also recall as an upstanding yet stern middle aged lady told her she’d have to wait until another student returned before she could go. The other student returned and the girl patiently waited to be recognized for her turn. Once again she was told to hold it. Another young girl raised her hand, this time white, from the back of the room and asked for permission to use the hall pass and was sent on her way. By this time Janet, the black girl who sat in front of me was crying softly and with outstretched hand way in the air was begging to be excused to the bathroom. Still the teacher ignored her plea. From the time Janet had first asked for the pass two other students were allowed to go to the bathroom ahead of her. Even though she had clearly asked first. I need not tell you the horror of witnessing this poor girl crying beyond control as a stream of urine began to stream down her legs and form a puddle around her desk. Of course all of the other students burst into laughter and began teasing her as the teacher grabbed her up by her ear and escorted her to the hallway condemning her for not being potty trained at her age. I didn’t recognize this for a few years as a classic case of racism but have been haunted by the terror the poor little girl went through on the day. Events like that tend to open your eyes and have a way of opening your heart and soul to humanity. Just thought I share this true story with you.

  2. T Marshall

    Daniel Hannan was right. These Sneering lefties are everywhere, including on this blog, where reality is something to be dismissed.

    • I’m trying hard to control my laughter here. Yeah….all hail Dan! A true politician for the 21st century!

      • Sean

        All of this boring verbal sniping, yet you’ve failed to come up with any credible reply to this:

        “That’s the beauty of the system: law enforcement reflects the local temper.

        Not that the BBC is alone. The unelected beneficiaries of the existing system have also been mounting a fierce campaign against democratic policing. Their favourite argument is that, if you have elections, the BNP might win. Well, yes, they might. But, as a rule, they don’t: the far-Left BNP controls just 0.3 per cent of council seats and 0 per cent of Westminster seats. Still, if the logic of ACPO the Police Authorities and the BBC is sound, why not do away with elections altogether? I mean, how can people be trusted not to pick the wrong candidates?”

      • You talk about “verbal sniping” but you make the rather juvenile claim that the BNP is “far-left”. I’m sorry but if that is all you can offer in terms of discussion, then I can’t take you seriously. You may think that sort of trick works in a uni debate but it cuts no ice with me.

    • buddyhell

      You don’t have a monopoly on the word “reality” anymore than you do the phrase “common sense”.

  3. Daniel Hayes

    Feel better?

  4. David Walker

    The BNP is far-Left.

    National vs. International Socialism is all.

    • That makes no sense at all. You can’t have national socialism, it’s an oxymoron. But I don’t expect the wilfully ignorant to understand that.

      • David Walker

        Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei mean anything to you, buddy?

        Now, the man who started it may not have been very nice, but no-one can claim that he was lacking in intelligence – or willfully ignorant, either. Also, he named the second edition of his work ‘Mein Kampf’ “The National Socialist Movement”.

        So if he maintains that there is such a thing as “National Socialism”, I see no reason to doubt him. After all he, and it, certainly made their presence felt – big style.

        Aside from which, he and his principles could hardly be said to be in any way libertarian, a property necessary (but not sufficient) to a Right-wing organisation but total anathema to one of the Left.

      • Right wingers don’t have a monopoly on the word ‘libertarian’.

      • David Walker

        “Right wingers don’t have a monopoly on the word ‘libertarian’.”


        But it’s anathema to Socialists.

      • Hardly. You’ve presumably never heard of libertarian socialists. Furthermore, no decent anarchist would ever want to be associated with the abortion that is right-wing libertarianism.

      • David Walker

        “libertarian socialists”?

        Oxymoron alert.

      • And in your case, it’s a moron alert. Libertarian socialists have been around since the mid 17th century. I guess you don’t know your history as well as you think you do…hang on, you never indicated that you had a knowledge of history. Duh.

        The Diggers

  5. “You talk about ‘verbal sniping’ but you make the rather juvenile claim that the BNP is “far-left”. I’m sorry but if that is all you can offer in terms of discussion, then I can’t take you seriously. You may think that sort of trick works in a uni debate but it cuts no ice with me.”

    If this is true it should be easy for you to refute the BNP/leftwing claim; so easy that it would be worth your while writing it here…just to destroy the ‘juvenile claim’…

    • Not really, it adds no meat to the bones at all. Where both you and Damian Thompson seem to not understand is where you quote him: “And the culture of the BNP expresses a nationalist racism that is almost identical to that of European parties that everyone identifies as far Right, even if they are less statist and protectionist.”

      The whole point of Dan the Man banging his own particular drum (that seems to wind you up so much) is the line “that everyone identifies as far Right” and the assumption that nationalist racism must be of the right…Dan is trying to correct this erroneous identification, this petty, nasty trick of the Left.

      Also, nobody “of the Right” wants much state control, especially not too much control of the law-abiding citizens yet it is a common trait of “the left” in any and all of its forms over the last 100 plus years although admittedly none have been “real/pure” Socialism.

      What amazes me is the difference in how Naziism is (correctly) identified with all things evil yet the greater evil further eastwards has ‘escaped’ pariah status to such an extent that MPs and others can [proudly] say there were members of the Commuist party once…some secretly still are probably.

      • David Walker

        “none have been “real/pure” Socialism”

        And never will of course, as in order for a Socialist society to function many aspects of human nature, most especially aspiration, will have to be suppressed.

      • David Walker

        “More juvenile debating tactics.”

        I assume you have no answer to that, then.

  6. Racism and other chauvinistic tendencies are characteristic of far-right politics no matter how much you and Mad Dan try and deny it. Your undergraduate debating society trick fails to convince. It is a strawman argument.

    You say “nobody “of the Right” wants much state control”. Rubbish, you forget the example of Franco who wasn’t a fascist but a reactionary conservative. As for the right pushing for ‘greater freedoms’ is not borne out by the examples of Pinochet, Salazar et al.

    Does the BNP stand for the principle of a worker’s state? Did Hitler and Mussolini allow trade unions to operate freely? Take your time.

    Your last paragraph is predicated on some imagined slight.

  7. “It is a strawman argument”

    Because you say so? Leftie squeaky clean Rightie racist chauvanist? This would make the undergraduate debating society look truly world statesman-like.

    Franco, Pinochet, Salazar etc wanted more control because they were dictators…this would be like me using Stalin as an example of anything “of the left”.

    Does/has anyone allowed trade unions to operate freely?

    • No, not because I say so. Only a handful of people go around arguing that the BNP or even the Nazis are/were left wing or socialist. Such people are on the fringes. That speaks volumes.

      Stalin was more of a reactionary conservative than a true communist. “Socialism in one country”? I’ve blogged this. All you have to do is look through the archives.

  8. OK…I’ll look up that blogpost at the weekend.

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  10. It was FA Hayek who first made the claim that the Nazis and fash were really socialist. He was naive and was pursuing an ideological agenda.

  11. Hannan thinks I don’t know how to use the word “fulsome”. Now I know he’s in trouble.

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