Is Charlie Kennedy about to jump ship?

This article from The Independent says that senior Labour whips have been in talks with Charles Kennedy to try and persuade him to defect. But how could Kennedy join a party that has so much blood on its hands?

The Lib Dem leadership has denied that Kennedy is in talks with Labour. From The Guardian,

Senior Lib Dems and allies of Kennedy were quick to dismiss rumours that he is poised to rejoin Labour – the party of his pre-SDP youth – as dirty tricks by rightwing bloggers seeking to destablise the coalition, though some MPs, also unhappy with coalition policies, admit “Charles is in a funny place at the moment”.

You have to love their turn of phrase. Kennedy would feel uncomfortable in a Labour party led by David “Don’t talk about the war” Miliband. The Lib Dems then were the only one of the three main parties to come out against the war.

This announcement comes not long after it was revealed that support for the Lib Dems has declined. Nick Clegg has also angered his own members by saying that he will not withdraw from the coalition should the vote on AV not go his way.

Here at Nowhere Towers we believe that Clegg will eventually join the Tories. As for Kennedy…


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