Who is Olly Grender?

I’ve been meaning to ask this question for some time: who is Olly Grender and, more importantly, why does the BBC’s Newsnight include her in a panel with Daniel Finkelstein and the Blairite, whose name I can’t remember?

The first time I saw Oily Grinder was during the 1992  General Election. She was hired by Paddy Ashdown as the Lib Dems campaigns director/PR person and communications person. She stopped doing those things in 1995 and became a lobbyist (we hate lobbyists here at Nowhere Towers).

Grender is a praise-singer; she’s a mouthpiece for the Lib Dems, popping up in the media to tell us all how wonderful the Lib Dems are and how the coalition is going to save us. But it’s all rubbish. Grender never has anything much to say; there’s no analysis, just heaps of praise for the leader and his wonderful team. Even former SDP member-turned-Tory, Finkelstein, has more to say than her. So why do they bother including her or is she the best the Lib Dems can do in terms of spokespeople? You know something? I think she is. That says an awful lot about the Lib Dems.


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  1. hrb264

    Oily Grinder! Brilliant mate.
    Rach x

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