Blame it on the quangos!

We all know that the  government wants to cut public spending by abolishing some quangos, even though the Honourable Gid created a quango within his first days of office to oversee the activities of other quangos.  Today, Mad Dan asks his readers which quangos would they like to see abolished. He proposes the following: National Institute for Clinical Excellence, the Health and Safety Executive, the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Standards Board.

Ah yes, we all know why Tories want to abolish the Equality and Human Rights Commission and it has nothing whatsoever to do with public spending cuts. For a party that likes to portray itself as the ‘defenders of freedom’ they spend a lot of time trying to find ways to make people less free. As for equality, I’ll let you decide how committed the Tories are to that.

Interestingly enough, the Health and Safety Executive is also suggested. Why? Because Mad Dan and his pals all believe that this country is bound up in ‘red tape’ caused by concerns for ‘health and safety’. But it isn’t actually Heath and Safety that is to blame; it is the concern with litigation that drives people to become over-concerned with even the smallest risks. As a consequence we are fast becoming a risk-averse society because of the fear of being sued in a court of law for negligence.

Perhaps we should be thinking of repealing the Health & Safety at Work Act too? Remove safety protection from the workers and let them maim and kill themselves by operating faulty equipment in dangerous situations. That’s really clever. We cannot expect companies to regulate themselves vis a vis their workerssafety; they are more concerned with making profits and safety gets in the way of making profits.

Some quangos do important jobs but such is the Tory zeal for slashing and burning that they would even cut the noses off their faces if they thought it would save them money.


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