Douglas Murray, missing in action

I haven’t seen our Dougie since his mad blog in The Daily Torygraph at the end of June. Either he’s keeping a low profile or he’s slinked off somewhere with his tail between his legs – and so he should.

His blog on 29 June was a disgrace and revealed a nasty racist streak.  Of course, he denies he is racist but  some of his rants on Question Time indicate to me, at least, that he has some issues with certain cultures.  As for those who dare to mention racism, he dismisses them as ‘politically correct’. Yes, it’s ‘politically correct’ to dare suggest that racism still exists in Britain. We’re all white now, don’t you know…

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One response to “Douglas Murray, missing in action

  1. Peter Reynolds

    Douglas Murray? The Centre For Social Cohesion?

    He and it are a sham, a disgrace and a subversive, Zionist propaganda factory.

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