One more time with feeling…

I’ve just noticed this Spectator article from the Honourable Tobes.

If you click on ‘About the IOE’, you’ll see the following sentence: ‘Our distinguished history and current mission are rooted in a commitment to social justice.’ Now you’d think that a taxpayer-funded teacher-training college would be a little more circumspect about disclosing its ideological bias, particularly if its lecturers are hoping to be quoted as impartial authorities when it comes to assessing Conservative policies. But no. That’s perfectly normal.

Is social justice ideological or is it the case that right-wingers applaud social divisions and inequalities? Are you some kind of social Darwinist, Tobes?

The IoE is not simply “teacher training college”, it is a federated college of the University of London that specializes in education and matters that relate to it. I actually did my PGCE and my Masters there.

In his eagerness to paint the IoE as some kind of hotbed of left-wing radicalism he says,

These suspicions are heightened when you click on an issue of IEOLife, one of two magazines published by the ‘Institute’. It contains an article on the work of CAPLITS (Centre for Academic and Professional Literacies), an organisation that teaches students ‘how to… express meaning effectively.’ CAPLITS is a masterstroke of satirical invention.

CAPLITS exists to support students whose first language isn’t English and to give support to those who aren’t familiar with academic writing, you dolt. Not everyone can write in an academic style, which is necessary for any kind of written work in Higher Education. Perhaps you would prefer academic work to be delivered in er, text speak? My current university has something called The English Language Centre. Other universities will have a similar department. So what’s the problem?

“Fools rush in”, as the old saying goes.


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