The honeymoon is over for the coalition

The polls, if these things can be believed, have indicated that the coalition honeymoon is over. Peter Kellner, writing for YouGov says that the Lib Dems approval ratings have plummeted since the formation of the coalition government in May.

No wonder Lib Dem support has slumped since the coalition was formed. Indeed, of those who voted Lib Dem on May 6, just 46% would vote for the party if an election were held now, while 18% would vote Labour, 9% Conservative and 5% for other parties; 22% are ‘don’t knows’ or ‘won’t votes’. To be sure, the Lib Dems have picked up some support from voters who like their involvement the coalition, but there are too few of these to offset the deserters. Overall, Lib Dem support is down by one-third since the election.

This flies in the face of the leadership’s assertion that people are flocking to the Lib Dems. Talk about delusional!

This article from The Independent has a stark warning for the Lib Dems should the referendum on AV succeed.

Writing on the ConservativeHome website, Lord Ashcroft, the Conservative deputy chairman, said that according to research which polled 6,000 people in key marginal seats, an election under AV would see the Tories take 19 seats from the Liberal Democrats, compared to the 16 they would lose to Labour, a net gain of three. Under FPTP, they would lose 28 and gain 30.

Stupid Lib Dems! This is why the Tories offered you AV instead of genuine PR. The Tories could also further benefit from a redrawing of electoral boundaries.  Not only is the honeymoon over, the writing is on the wall for the Lib Dems. The only way from here is down.


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