Goldsmith says he will make complaint against Channel 4

None of us have seen the programme yet but Zac Goldsmith is already making a complaint about a forthcoming exposé into election expenses by Channel 4 and the Bureau of Investigative Journalists.  In an interview with the Richmond & Twickenham Times he says,

“I will make a formal complaint to Ofcom on Monday (today). I’m told by legal experts that I have a very strong case. As far as I can see, it is water tight”.

Yeah? Well, good luck pal. I remember the numbers of Zac Goldsmith signs on Boileau Road and you’re telling me that these signs can be used again?

He continues

“Regarding the election expenses, that will be led by the Electoral Commission. I am hoping they’ll get on the case soon, to bring this to an end.”

Have you given the Electoral Commission money upfront for this?

There is also the issue of Jemima Khan’s deleted tweets.  The tweets reveal that there was an exchange between her and Jon Snow prior to the interview.

Jemima Khan’s since-deleted tweets also reveal the true nature of Zac Goldsmith’s statement that he complains was not included in the 15 July broadcast. Apparently it did no more than dodge the issue of his election expenses and make the same accusations he was allowed to air repeatedly the very next night (July 16).

Here is a rather interesting exchange between bloggerheads and Khan

Bloggerheads: @JemKhan To repeat: Why delete your Q. to @jonsnowC4 that he answers here? What are you hiding? #zacgoldsmith
[12:14 AM Jul 18]

JemKhan: @bloggerheads Because I delete all correspondence after a few days from timeline. Plus Zac clearly doesn’t need me to fight his battles.
[12:42 AM Jul 18]

Bloggerheads: @JemKhan Interesting policy, deleting correspondence as you go. So if Zac doesn’t need you fighting his battles for him why hound Jon Snow?
[12:53 AM Jul 18]

Bloggerheads: @JemKhan Fact is, Zac relied on the answer to YOUR question on C4. So he DID need you to fight this battle for him
[1:01 AM Jul 18]


Apparently Goldsmith wanted to go on the more Tory-friendly Sky News where he would have been given an easier ride.

The Goldsmiths: what a thoroughly nasty family and to think that I once thought Jemima was kind of cute…


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