Zac Goldsmith throws a wobbly on Channel 4 News

Zac Goldsmith is feeling much maligned and he doesn’t do his case much good by refusing to answer questions put to him by Jon Snow. Looking every inch the smug millionaire toff, he squirms and jabs his finger at Snow. Check out this clip,

Goldsmith has really dug himself quite a hole here. Quoting a “prominent Lib Dem blogger” is a pretty poor touch given that the Lib Dems are not beneath dirty tactics themselves. I like how he starts issuing threats at the end…”You’d better watch it”. Oh yes, he is his father’s son for sure.

I remember cycling through Barnes at the time of the election and you couldn’t move for Zac Goldsmith signs. I’m not sure if that says anything about Goldsmith’s spending but let’s put it this way, I saw very few signs bearing the name of Susan Kramer. But I am rather intrigued by these jackets. What were they? Satin rock tour-style jackets?

Stay tuned!


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