Zac Goldsmith faces questions over election expenses

I passed Susan Kramer on the way home this afternoon. I thought she looked more pleased with herself than usual. Zac Goldsmith, her erstwhile rival for the seat of Richmond Park, has been facing questions over whether his campaign spending broke the rules. The millionaire playboy and environmentalist won the seat in a bitter contest in which he accused Kramer of dirty tricks.

BBC News reports that a complaint was made to the Electoral Commission by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism after a joint investigation with Channel 4 into Goldsmith’s campaign spending. Goldsmith is alleged to have claimed that he spent less on posters, signs and other items than he is said to have actually spent. He is also accused of having spent money on jackets (I kid you not) and not declared them.

Goldsmith complained of “sleazy journalism” in an interview with the BBC. Goldsmith, the son of  asset-stripper, James Goldsmith,  is estimated to be worth a mere £200 million. With that kind of money, he can afford to buy as many elections as he likes.

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