Oona King for mayor? No thanks

If the news is to be believed, it seems that everyone wants  Oona King to become London Mayor. Everyone? Well, not quite. I don’t.

Andrew Gilligan whose blogs reveal an obsession with Ken Livingstone appears to be getting behind King’s campaign. Gilligan is a happy man but hang on, didn’t he support Boris Johnson in the last mayoral election?

As for King, she voted in favour of the Iraq invasion and was identified as a Blairite from the beginning (she was one of “Blair’s Babes”…ugh). She is a careerist; a machine politician. I don’t trust her and I have never trusted her. After she failed to hold onto Bethnal Green and Bow, she sat around in her constituency office pretending to be an unofficial MP (sic). When it was clear that no one was interested in what she was doing,  she moved into the media and was appointed as Channel 4’s Head of Diversity.

The only reason why Gilligan supports her is because she’s easy on his eye. That’s it. King also has the backing of Neil Kinnock, while Diane Abbott supports Ken. Anyone who has Kinnock’s blessing is to be avoided.

As for me, I hope Ken wins.

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