More crumbs from the table

The Take Back Parliament people are pleased with themselves. Though why they are, I do not know. Someone somewhere has been lying to them or they’ve deluded themselves so much that they refuse to see the reality of what is being offered by this Tory-led coalition on the issue of proportional representation. The Tory offer of AV instead of PR is like sweeping a few crumbs off the table; it’s a way of placating the discontented masses. I am not fooled.

I have already had two arguments with a couple of members of TBP who were both more than happy to take AV; which is not a form of PR but a ‘friendlier’ version of the current FPTP system. Their counterargument is that “it’s a start”. No,  by accepting AV instead of genuine reform, you give them permission to put any discussion of PR on the back burner – even if the referendum goes the way you want it to.

This Guardian blogger says that anything other than AV is naive. I don’t agree. The offer of a referendum on the whether we should adopt AV or stick with FPTP stinks of the Tories desire to ensure that PR is consigned to the dustbin of history. Rest assured, the right wing press will work overtime trying to convince ‘floaters’ that AV is wrong when AV would probably benefit the Tories more than they would care to think.

I will be voting “no” unless someone can convince me otherwise. But you’re going to need to put together a better argument than “it’s a start”.


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