Douglas Murray…comedy genius?

You have to admit, Douglas Murray is an odd one. With a voice like that of an arrested adolescent, Dougie goes puce with rage whenever anyone offends his sense of right-wing righteousness…and, boy does the spittle fly!  He quite often reserves much of his bile for Islam which he tends to paint as a religion of ‘evil’; warning us of the ‘creeping Islamization of Europe’. Hmmm, Cassandra doesn’t suit you, you’re more of a General Jack D. Ripper from Dr Strangelove.  Personally, I think the Catholic church is pretty ‘evil’ – maybe you haven’t heard about the child abuse scandals?

A couple of days ago I spotted this blog. Here, Murray asks if Diane Abbott has ‘unseated’ Yasmin Alibhai-Brown as the “stupidest woman in Britain”. He is referring here to Abbott’s appearance on last Thursday’s This Week (BBC1). By the way, that’s Dougie’s caption on the clip, not mine.

I saw it too Doug, but it looks like we were watching different programmes…or you were watching it through your fairground lenses?  In the programme, Brillo (aka Andrew Neil) asks Abbott about her comment that “West Indian mums would go to the wall for her children” after she had responded to a question about why she had sent her son to a public school instead of a comprehensive.

But it’s been done to death and Brillo knew that by pressing the point he was making her feel uncomfortable. But he was also making a prat of himself. In fact, he comes a across as the Poundstretcher version of Paxman. Very tabloid. What Murray didn’t notice were the ‘daggers’ she shot at Brillo at the end of the ‘interview’.

What tickles me about this blog is the way Murray appears to suggest that no one should ever mention race; it’s the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’. You see, any mention of race or racism is ‘politically correct’ and we can’t have that. In response to Abbott’s remark, Murray had this to say,

A statement that strongly implies that white mothers, for instance, would not.

Really? I think you’re reading too much into this, Doug. However it is often implied by right-wing opinion-formers that the children of single black mothers are less likely to succeed than their white or Asian counterparts. Maybe she has a point – no? Admittedly Abbott hasn’t covered herself in glory by making that statement because it plays right into yours and many other righties’ hands. It gives you something to get into a lather about; a sort of 2 second foaming-at-the-mouth. It keeps you regular.

But what is genuinely funny about all of this is the way his fellow Torygraph blogger, Richard Spencer, accuses him of subtly playing the race card.

The tenor of the piece is that it is their ethnic status, and their attitude towards it, that elevates them above all the gormless celebrities, expenses-fiddling politicians, and rent-a-view drone hacks who are as ubiquitous in female as in male public life, and almost all of whom are white.

I agree, away with these vapid ‘celebrities’! But I do I love it when a fight breaks out between two Telegraph bloggers !

Spencer continues,

Nevertheless, to argue that the phrase “West Indian mums love their kids” is equivalent to saying “White ones don’t” is surely the worst sort of paranoid defensive victim-speak. You might as well say that it can’t be hot in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, Greece and Ethiopia at the same time.

Absolutely but Dougie won’t be beaten. He opens his riposte waspishly,

Well, I guess Richard Spencer and I had very different friends – and heard very different jokes – at school.

That’s bitchy. Oh yeah and didn’t you claim that “Paddy jokes” were okay? Ah, the freedom to be cruel towards others through the medium of  ‘joke-telling’. I mean, what is so wrong about calling a spade a nigger? “What’s the matter? Can’t you take a joke”?

I always thought Murray was just a paranoid conspiracist who gets paid for running a think-tank called The Centre for Social Division…er, Social Cohesion. He also gets a lot of air-time and column inches…too many in my opinion. But, as his blogs show us,  he’s quite the comedian too. If you like that sort of thing, that is.

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  1. Peter Reynolds

    Douglas Murray? The Centre For Social Cohesion?

    He and it are a sham, a disgrace and a subversive, Zionist propaganda factory.

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