“We”? Who is this “we”? (reprise)

So we get to have ‘our’ say about how the proposed public spending cuts will be targetted. Funny how we don’t get a say on other matters: like whether or not we want our taxes to pay for the greed of the banking sector or the permanent war economy. They will tell us what is going to be cut and if you register your disapproval it will be noted but not treated seriously. Call me cynical but governments don’t listen to the ‘people’, they do what they want to do. Rest assured, Athenian-style democracy won’t happen any time soon.

It will be interesting to see how many people turn up to these ‘town hall’ meetings that are being planned. Will they go the same way as the last government’s series of  ‘Big Conversations’? Given the top down nature of these acts of apparent democratic openness, it is hard to see how this can work in anyone’s favour other than that of the government and the vested interests they represent.

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