Gilligan grinds his axe (again).

Two years after Ken Livingstone lost the mayoralty to Boris Johnson, former BBC journalist, Andrew Gilligan is preparing an early propaganda campaign in earnest against Livingstone. There’s nothing like getting the boot in before all the others, eh Andrew? Anyone would think that you were taking Ken’s candidature a little too personally.

Gilligan’s personal vendetta against Livingstone began as soon as he took office in 2000. It’s come to the point where anything Gilligan says about Ken just goes in one ear and out the other.  In this article he demands that Ken move to the ‘centre ground’. I thought he had already done this by rejoining the Labour Party?  Sure I agree that his choice of Lee Jasper as an aide was poor and I’d be a fool not to admit that.  But Johnson’s judgement hasn’t been too great either.  I noticed that Gilligan has never once mentioned Boris’s poor choices…like the fact that he lost his deputy mayor, Ray Lewis in his first year after it was revealed that he was being investigated for financial ‘irregularities’. A year later his other deputy mayor, Ian Clement, was forced to resign after it was revealed that he used his GLA credit card for private expenditure. Johnson never hid his dislike of Sir Ian Blair who was forced to resign once he took office. This was the act of a man who is convinced he is a Roman emperor who was born too late. But Gilligan isn’t interested.

Boris Johnson has done nothing but take the credit for the projects Livingstone started while in office – the cycle superhighway is now Boris’s idea. Johnson hasn’t come up with one single original idea. I guess that doesn’t concern Gilligan either.

But he likes Oona King.

Well, how about Oona King, the other declared candidate, currently on the same odds as Ken (6/1) to win the mayoralty come 2012? London could take to someone who’s not old, white, or a man. If she can make it a contest with Ken, she can win: he seems to prefer coronations to contests. And there is still time for Labour to find someone else

I’m surprised that you haven’t suggested Tony Blair,  Andrew.


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