Kill a few civvies, get a medal.

The Times reports that an IDF soldier who shot and killed 6 unarmed ( in other words sans guns and cannon) protesters is in line to receive a medal for valour.  Given that this incident took place in international waters, the actions of the protesters who attempted to repel the boarding party is arguably legitimate. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone violence but when one is faced with violence from another, it is difficult to turn the other cheek – lest that cheek get slashed with a razor. The fact that Israel is a nation-state doesn’t cut much ice in my view; some might say it ought to know better.  But we all know that it really behaves like a 3 year old child who sees everything as his/hers… “it’s MINE”! Now I could understand if there had been an armada of heavily armed warships bearing down on the coast of Israel, but these were unarmed motor vessels not dreadnoughts!

This sort of thing belongs to another century: when English privateers – Letters Patent in hand – roamed the globe in search of ships to plunder. The Spanish Navy didn’t roll over and play dead when they were attacked by English ships, I am sure they put up a fight.  This is state-sponsored piracy and it  goes hand-in-hand with Israel’s penchant for state-sponsored terrorism. Is there nothing it won’t do to get its own way?

Hannan misses the point – as usual.  Hannan just wants another market – that’s all.  There’s just no point in telling this guy about the Nakba. Now what did Trotsky say about convincing a fascist of the merits of socialism? It was something about pavements as I recall.

Meanwhile Turkey is considering reducing its ties with Israel.

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