Israelis attack aid convoy and then lie about the events.

Not known for their love of humanity or their tolerance of other people, the Israeli state has done it again. A convoy carrying aid to the beleaguered people of Gaza was intercepted and attacked by the IDF yesterday. According to the BBC, there have been 10 deaths, all of them civilian (earlier the BBC had said 16 deaths, other reports say 20). The IDF claim that one of their soldiers had been injured.

I’m just watching BBC news now and there is an IDF spokeswoman on, talking about how the aid workers were violent and some opened fire on the Israeli marines but given the history of Israeli violence and their penchant for lies and spin (remember Mark Regev last year?); I take these words with 200 tonnes of salt.

The Guardian

However, the Israelis said they only opened fire after being attacked by activists with sticks, knives and live fire. An IDF statment said the operation turned deadly after one of the activists grabbed a weapon from one of the commandos, which was then discharged.

According to tweets from activists on board the ships, Israeli forces dropped from helicopters on to the deck of the Turkish passenger ship, the Marvi Mamara, at around 4.30am, and immediately opened fire. The ship was surrounded by navy vessels.

This is Haim Bresheeth’s blog before the IDF intercepted the flotilla.

Meanwhile the people of Gaza are being starved to death in what must be the world’s largest refugee camp and Israel shows no signs to giving in to international pressure. The constant claim from Israel that Gaza is a nest of vipers that constantly fires rockets into Israel misses the point that the rockets fired from Gaza are woefully inferior to Israeli firepower. few Israelis have actually been killed by these rudimentary rockets, while hundreds, if not thousands, have been killed by US and UK supplied weaponry that is operated by Israeli troops.

Only Israel thinks that it can get away with killing, maiming and injuring humanitarian  aid workers, because its leadership sees itself as ‘God’s chosen people’. This is revealing because it demonstrates that the state of Israel is not only racist but dismissive of anyone who is not the right kind of Jew, that is to say, a Zionist Jew. Indeed, any Israeli or Jew who speaks out against the murderous intentions of Israel is labelled as “self-hating”. Those gentiles who do the same are called “anti-Semitic”. The continual use of tropes is an essential part of Israel’s propaganda mission:  ‘the world is out to get us and those who are out to get us must be anti-Semitic…we are a poor downtrodden people’.  Regev and others are steeped in the traditions of PR and rely on the technique of repetition in the hope that if the ‘message’ is repeated often enough it will be believed.

The revisionists have been in power n Israel for some considerable time and it should not be forgotten that many revisionists, including Jabotinsky, were admirers of Mussolini. In fact, the Revisionist Maximalists went one step further and embraced fascism. Some of these revisionists, like Menachem Begin, went on to form the Likud Party which, along with other extreme right wing parties, forms the current coalition. But whether its Labour or Likud or Karimah who are in power, the revisionist thread runs deep in Israeli politics.

The only real solution currently on offer to most of us is a total and complete boycott of Israeli products. This boycott should also be extended to sport. Like apartheid-era South Africa, Israel is a pariah state and needs to be treated as such.


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2 responses to “Israelis attack aid convoy and then lie about the events.

  1. this is really beyond the pale…….here we suffer at the hands of u.s. imperialism whilst they ship off 10billion/yr to fund this shit state sponsered terrorism…president good ship lollypop better speak up against this ……..and his henchman hitlery “mrs doubtfire of hate” clinton

    no more aid to israel

  2. this is really beyond the pale
    I really feel for those peoples on
    the gaza relief flotilla

    my thoughts and love go out to them

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