But who is Danny Alexander?

Well, who is he? He’s only been an MP for 5 years and he was one of the Lib Dems coalition negotiators. But how on earth has he managed to land such an important cabinet position without holding the right qualifications? I’m not one for conspiracy theories but when someone pops up from nowhere, you have to ask questions. David Laws wasn’t a mystery to me;  I’d seen him on television and thought that he looked and sounded like a Tory. I always thought that his rise through the party ranks was pretty rapid, presumably because he held the right kind of qualifications: he was a city banker with JP Morgan and Barclays.  Prima facie, he should have been a Tory. The Tories liked him so much they tried to persuade him to join. Laws apparently told them that he was a “Liberal”.  Ah, but what kind of liberal? I suspect the only reason Laws didn’t join the Tories was because of Section 28…though that never stopped Alan Duncan, who became a Conservative MP in 1992.

Oh Danny Boy, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is calling…

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