Best medicine?

They call it ‘medicine’; they say it will cause ‘pain’ but is it good for you? They also say that the medicine that tastes terrible is the best medicine but do these medicinal allusions mean anything at all?

‘Cuts’ is the word that they’re looking for and so we have them, in all their glory. The package of Whitehall cuts was announced by Treasury hatchet-man, David Laws. His boss, the heir to the Baronetcy of Ballintaylor, had hinted at something and nothing on the BBC Breakfast sofa this morning but all Boy George kept talking about was ‘debt’. Is this the national debt or the budget deficit, Georgie?

People are going to lose their jobs and all of those jobs will be lost in the public sector – the civil service to be precise. Benefits will be cut (you will have to work, even if you are dead) and the working tax credit will disappear – gone,  as though it never existed.  The child trust fund will go too leaving a lot of envious kids in the wake of its demise. Universities will be forced to cut deals with Tesco or Asda to survive…but this is medicine – right? Squeeze, David, squeeze until the pips squeak! By the way, the MOD isn’t facing cuts but they don’t talk about the war(s).  Don’t mention the war(s)!

Bring on the soup kitchens! Arise the shanty towns! A new politics is born!


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