Labour leadership latest

I haven’t got the odds yet but here’s the…er, field.

David Miliband

Ed Miliband

Ed Balls

John McDonnell

So currently, that’s 3 Nu Labour versus someone who presents himself as being on Labour’s Left. McDonnell is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group which also includes Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Dennis Skinner. I don’t doubt their credentials as genuine social democrats but the chance of them influencing the party is small; the chance of McDonnell winning the leadership is virtually nil given the numbers of Blair-worshippers in the party.

It’s a pity but Labour is just a shadow of its former self; no heart (ripped out by Blair), no guts and no conscience.  I gave up caring about Labour when Kinnock began his witch hunt in 1987.

As I wrap this up, Andy Burnham (another Nu Labourite) is set to announce his candidacy. There are still no women in this contest. More of the same? You betcha!


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