An end to quangos?

During the election the Tories made a point of talking about how they were going to reduce public spending; it was the keystone of their economic recovery policies. In the firing line, we were told, were the large numbers of quangos…mythological creatures of such fantastic proportions, that they could only be dealt with by the fiscal sword of St George the Osborne.  But he has discovered that he cannot battle these monsters on his own. So zealous is he to conquer these hordes that he has now unleashed another quango to fight by his side (as it were) in his never-ending quest to slay these beasts.

Seriously, a quango to watch the quangos? The Sun declares that this latest move is a “war on waste”. Nice try but its a quango, don’t you hate those things? Not everyone is over the moon, here’s what Whitehall Watch says:–-major-reform-or-gimmick/

What next? The Office for Financial Alchemy?


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