A coalition of the privileged

Last night, David Cameron, the illegitimate descendant of William IV met his cousin, the Queen to get her blessing to form a government. The media talked about how Cameron had come from a “banking family” and had married “the daughter of a baronet” while failing to mention his royal connection. Is this something that they deliberately chose to ignore? I think so. The Tory press moaned about the way his privileged background was made the focus of opposition attacks. Why do they want to keep quiet about this? Could it be because Britain is not a modern country at all and simply pretends that it is modern? Until the early part of the 20th century, most governments were formed and led by aristocrats; the privileged few. So now the hands of time have been turned back.

Welcome to the 19th century!

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Filed under General Election 2010, Government & politics, Modernity

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