Lech Kacynski’s death

Any death is tragic, whether it is expected or unexpected. Naturally, I draw the line at the death of fascists, authoritarians and reactionaries. Therefore the brutal death of Eugene Terreblanche was a cause for celebration. Lech Kacynski, a leading light in Solidarnosc was an old Catholic reactionary who claimed that gays and lesbians didn’t deserve equal rights and took the extraordinary measure of closing down LGBT publications and groups. He banned the Gay Pride march in Warsaw and later held a parade of his own called the “Parade of Normality”. My question to him, if he was still alive, would be “What is normal”?

The Tory Party has allied itself with Kacynski’s Party, the Law and Justice Party in the European Parliament and, while I am not suggesting that the Tories are entirely homophobic, there is a sizeable contingent of homophobes in the party. But Lord Snooty and his pals are turning a blind eye to all of this in the hope that their new found alliance will bear fruit in the Euro parliament. But this may be one alliance that may come back to bite the Tories on the arse.

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