Malcolm McLaren

The self-styled Godfather of Punk died yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to feel to be honest. He was responsible for the Sex Pistols and the success of Adam Ant.  McLaren was a curious fellow; a bit of a chancer; unquestionably a rogue and most definitely a charlatan and a fraudster who claimed in the film The Great Rock and Roll Swindle (dir.Temple, 1979) to have taken a load of art school grants to finance his businesses .  But whatever one thinks of the man, what he did was pure genius. He found the culture industry’s weak spots and exploited them to full advantage. Unlike Simon Cowell who is not only still alive but clogging up the airwaves with his mass-produced, indentikit pop and is, himself, the sort of person,that McLaren would have despised.

Talcy Malcy, RIP.


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