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Welcome to my new blog! More stuff  will appear here soon. But first things first, the General Election has kicked off and all the candidates are off whoring themselves around the country. We have another 3.25 weeks of this nonsense to go and I’m already fed up with it. We are told that voting is our ‘democratic right’ and that Parliament is answerable to the electorate. Does anyone want to remind the 600 odd candidates of this latter fact? As for voting, does it really change anything or is it just another game; an illusion to trick the people into thinking that they have a say?

The Government has made sure that it gets as many rubbish bills passed as it can possibly manage. One such bill is the Digital Economies Bill which is ‘designed’ to end illegal file sharing. Opponents of the bill (myself included) have pointed out that it’s practically unworkable and infringes one’s human rights.  The BPI are naturally cock-a-hoop; this is the bill they wanted passed. In case anyone was wondering, the BPI are actually protecting the interests of the music companies and not the artists themselves, who still get shafted by the industry. Ask the BPI to tell you what is actually involved in the ‘advance’ that is given to performers when they sign a recording contract.  Ask the BPI to tell you how much musicians actually get from CD sales. Chances are they’ll try obfuscating…just like politicians do when you box them into a corner.

Music Piracy is killing the industry. And long may that be the case.

More power to the musicians!

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